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Gleason & Associates helps clients navigate the complicated, time-consuming and often arduous approval process through local land use agencies in Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford and Westport.

We represent opponents of development, buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate, and landlords and tenants in leasing negotiations. We also handle real property tax appeals, boundary disputes, adverse possession and prescriptive easement claims and related real estate matters.

And to provide the best representation of our clients, we consult with local attorneys when appropriate to ensure that all aspects of real estate and land use issues are identified and addressed.
  • For Buyers

      Buying or selling a home may be the most significant financial transaction of your life. For that reason it is essential for you to have an experienced attorney represent your interests in the transaction.
    • We have represented hundreds of home buyers and sellers.
    • Our experienced staff keeps clients well-informed during the process and we work to make buying or selling a home a satisfying experience for all.

      For buyers, finding just the right home that will serve your needs today – and in the future – requires research to ensure that you will not be met with any unanticipated roadblocks down the road.
    • We work to resolve building inspection and contract issues to ensure a smooth and timely closing.
    • We ask buyers if they plan to make any changes to the house within a 10-year period and then conduct an analysis that takes into account the interplay of zoning, building, wetland and related regulations and is based upon an understanding and knowledge of the property.
    • We advise clients about easements and restrictions and the local and state regulations that may impact the ability to make changes to structures on or uses of the property.
    • For sellers, contacting an attorney before you negotiate the deal with a real estate agent reduces your risk and liability.

    • We review the listing, other agreements and required disclosures to identify issues that may arise as a result of inaccurate disclosures and limit the seller’s exposure to claims for commissions on sales that do not occur.

    “Properties next to rivers, ponds or Long Island Sound may be very desirable and command a premium price. But these properties are also subject to regulations which may affect value and can require additional regulatory hurdles and approvals before changes can be made. We understand these regulations and guide clients through the process to determine whether the property suits a client’s needs and plans for the property. If necessary, we refer the client to a specialist who will provide the necessary answers.”
  • Commercial Real Estate

      Commercial real estate is more heavily regulated than residential real estate. The effect of local regulations can dramatically change values and limit or proscribe proposed uses.
    • We have represented numerous buyers and sellers of commercial properties in southern Fairfield County.
    • We provide clients with a full understanding of commercial uses that are allowed on a property before purchase.
    • We work to ensure that a buyer’s proposed use will be allowed on the site, advising on and effecting compliance with any local ordinances and regulatory standards that have to be met for such use.
  • Land Use

      The regulatory process for construction, development and subdivision of land in southern Fairfield County can be daunting. Each project usually involves numerous regulatory bodies – Planning & Zoning, Zoning Board of Appeals, Environmental Protection or Inland Wetlands Commission, Architectural Review Board (or similar) and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
    • We assist clients in navigating this often complicated and confusing process.
    • We recommend solutions to increase the likelihood of an outcome that is successful and meets our client’s objectives.
    • We have considerable experience with the heavily-regulated area of residential construction/ renovation at or near Long IslandSound and other tidal waters, which is a significant concern in the Sound Shore communities that we serve.
    • We advocate zealously on behalf of our clients.


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